Proof of Concept

IAME - Identification
IAME Wallet is available to download

The IAME app allows users to attach their identity to their cryptocurrency addresses, identified addresses being the first step towards mainstream integration. Any documentation that will be uploaded on the IAME app will never leave wallet as whole, but as encrypted fragments to be validated by the IAME Identification Network. With IAME the fallout of identity data breaches will be a thing of past.

IAME - Wallet IOS IAME - Wallet Android
IAME - Wallet


IAME - Identification

Every piece of information you share leaves you susceptible to theft and every piece of information you collect leaves you vulnerable to litigation. Don’t share don’t take!

Nobody is Hack Proof, but you can become Hack Worthless.

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IAME - Validation

You don’t need an expensive mining rig or a Phd to become part of our identification network. At IAME, our token mining has been made easy. A phone, wifi and 2 thumbs will suffice!

Verify Shapes, Letters and Numbers to become a Third Party Verifier

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